27 Inspirational Kids That Prove The Future Is In Good, Kind Hands

27 Inspirational Kids That Prove The Future Is In Good, Kind Hands


Children are like uncut diamonds: they are raw and uninhibited, but they will surprise you with how bright they shine. These kids, especially, are really precious gems:

#1. 8-year-old Noah carries his disabled brother Lucas through mini-triathlon so they can finish together.

Lucas House

#2. Bangladeshi boy risks his own life to save baby deer from drowning in floodwater.


#3. This little boy saved up $120 for one year to make lunch packets to distribute to the homeless.


#4. Nine-year-old built an animal shelter in his own house to save strays and dogs to be put down in pounds.


#5. 8-year-old Christian endured bullying and being called a “girl” for 2 years so he could grow his hair to make wigs for young cancer patients.

Deeanna Thomas

#6. This toddler is giving a baby bunny a much-needed boost.


#7. Sweet baby takes tissue to wipe away a crying Japanese official’s tears on TV.


#8. When this three-year-old tot found out that the reason why another little girl didn’t have any hair was because she was sick, she said, “Oh. She can have some of my hair.”


#9. 9-year-old Josef Miles made his own sign protesting against protesters of Westboro Baptist Church, Kansas.


#10. Mumbai girl protects stray dog from the heavy rain with her own umbrella.


#11. This 13-year-old boy used CPR learned from Boy Scout days to save his baseball coach’s life when the latter had a heart attack.

Florence Freedom Professional Baseball

#12. A group of young girls in Canada tied thick coats to street poles so homeless people will have something to wear for the cold winter.

Tara Smith-Atkins

#13. Two adorable toddlers who’ve never met before hug it out at a fast food restaurant.


#14. Young boy gives bottled water to police officers standing in riot gear under the scorching sun in Baltimore.

Bishop M. Cromartie

#15. Little boy asked his mom to help him pack lunch for his classmates who couldn’t afford to have lunch at school.


#16. Filipino girl keeps her puppy safe from flood by carrying him in a basin on her head.


#17. Wyatt, a third-grader from Illinois, donated the $1,000 he won from a scavenger hunt to neighbor who was suffering from leukemia.

ABC News

#18. 9-year-old used his allowance money to buy books for the local prison inmates to read, so “they don’t have time to think about doing bad things”.

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office

#19. These kids practice their reading skills with shelter dogs to keep them company.


#20. This sweet girl asked if she could sell her stuffed animals so she could donate the money to a local SPCA.


#21. A homeless boy from the Philippines uses the light from a McDonald’s so he could do his homework.

Joyce Gilos Torrefranca

#22. This little girl gave her favorite garbage man a surprise cupcake for his birthday.

City of Bloomington

#23. Aslan, a 17-year-old Syrian refugee, trekked 500km to Greece, carrying his puppy the whole way.


#24. These 2-year-old triplets always look forward to garbage day so they can see their best friends, the garbage collectors!

Martha Sugalski

#25. This incredible 9-year-old girl builds mobile shelters for the homeless from scrap pieces of wood, and grows food for them in her garden.

Hailey’s Harvest

#26. A young boy’s family took in a stray cat a year ago, and he still insists on tucking him in for naps, “so he knows that he lives at our house and will come back.”


#27. And this sick boy stuck in quarantine at the hospital gets saved from boredom thanks to his little friend.




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