This Is What The Come Dine With Me Narrator Really Looks Like

This Is What The Come Dine With Me Narrator Really Looks Like


Come Dine With Me fans out there will be more than familiar with the incredibly funny narrator who commentates over the hilarious goings on in the Channel 4 cooking show.

The treasured narrator, Dave Lamb, has stepped out in front of the camera for the first time in a ELEVEN years!

But does he look like what you have imagined for all this time?


The talented voice over man is co-hosting a brand new show called Come Dine With Me: Champions Of Champions which sees a whole selection of previous winners of the cooking show whack up a tasty meal for Dave himself.

The commentator turned presenter is finally seen in front of the camera lens for the new spin off show.

We are so used to his sarcastic comments, funny one liners and simply just making the show what it is each weeknight, it seems so strange to put a face to his voice.


Dave even posted on Twitter that it was his first time in 11 years that he’d gone to work with his trousers on!

He admitted it was a daunting and nerve wracking step putting himself in front of the camera saying, ‘normally I sit inside a darkened voiceover booth, laughing at people’s linguine.’

It isn’t just Mr Lamb that the old contestants have to impress.

They are also out to win over the Michelin-star chef Glynn Purnell, as well as a prim and proper looking butler!

We kind of sense the new show is taking a few things out of Master Chefs book, but nonetheless we are too excited about finally seeing Dave Lamb!

Twitter users had mixed reactions to finally seeing the star saying he wasn’t what they expected at all.

But we are happy to finally get our eyes on possibly one of the funniest voice over men there is on television today.

Will he be just as funny on screen?


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